At GRUCAS, we know that warehousing and distribution are a strategic part of the supply chain; therefore we seek to bring competitive advantages in our customers' inventories, always looking for a continuous reduction of costs.

Through a thorough planning based on the client’s size of company, sector, type of product and customs regime always seeking to adapt to the needs of the client looking for a management focused on productivity and efficiency contemplating different modes of transport and storage.

At GRUCAS, we have both owned different distribution centers located strategically, as well as alliances with warehouses for the optimization of services of loading and unloading, storage, consolidation, distribution and dispatch of goods in Mexico and the USA.
We offer complementary services with the highest quality and safety standards for proper transportation, protecting and facilitating handling at all times such as:

  • UVA (Verification Units).
  • Labeling.
  • Packing and packaging.
  • Order distribution.
  • Picking & kiting.